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Leaf exhibiting signs of Beech Leaf Disease.


Research scientists at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories – the research arm of the F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company – have developed novel Integrated Pest Management strategies to treat Bea...

Rust spores on sidewalk

Homeowners in southwest Ohio were surprised yesterday to awake to find sidewalks, cars, and streets beneath Callery pears (Pyrus calleryana) covered in a fine sprinkling of orange dust. The unusual ev...

Scales on tree and branch

By Caleb J. Wilson, Ph.D.

Trees in species-rich forests often suffer less damage from insect pests compared to trees in forests dominated by a few common species. Many hypotheses have been proposed...

Temperature Map

Temperatures with the coming cold wave will be comparable to the December 2022 cold wave. Here is a comparison:

December 2022 cold snap highs and lows:

45/20, 23/-9, 12/1, 19/7, 26/13, 32/24, 51/27,...

Ambush Bug (Phymata spp., family Reduviidae)

Thomas Becker (OSU Extension, Lorain County) showed participants in this week’s weekly BYGL Zoom Inservice a nice shot of a Jagged Ambush Bug (Phymata spp., family Reduviidae) lurking among flowers in...

Leaffolder Nest on leaf

Participants in the OGIA/OSU Greater Cincinnati BYGL! Diagnostic Walkabout held this past Monday at the Boone County Arboretum observed the unusual damage caused by the Redbud Leaffolder (Fascista cer...

fallen tree
Storms blew through Sandusky Ohio Saturday, August 12, 2023, taking down branches, trees, and power lines.
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Thomas deHaas
tree roots

By Chris OlsonChris Olson, BCMA | TRAQ WE-12363BBCMA | TRAQ WE-12363

Young trees are dying every day from secondary opportunistic pests. Many are unaware as the symptoms can be random.

– Crown die b...

Coneflower Rosette Mite
Coneflowers are showing symptoms of three problems: tufted growth from the coneflower rosette mite; distorted flowers and growth from ash yellows; and dangling flower heads from the sunflower headcl...
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