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Temperature Map

Temperatures with the coming cold wave will be comparable to the December 2022 cold wave. Here is a comparison:

December 2022 cold snap highs and lows:

45/20, 23/-9, 12/1, 19/7, 26/13, 32/24, 51/27,...

Arbor Doctor in The Buckeye, the publication of the Ohio Green Industry Association

Earlier this year, I was featured in The Buckeye, the publication of the Ohio Green Industry Association. You can read the article here beginning on page 8

field in front of grass with power line tower in background
Weed control and trimming under power lines is very noticeable this time of year. People ask, “Why is Everything Dying?” or “Why Do They Cut So Hard and Make the Trees So Ugly?”
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Home/Gardening on the Planet/On Sad Cemeteries and Greener Alternatives

While cycling past multi-million-dollar homes and upwards of million-dollar landscapes in Henlopen Acres, Delaware, I came upon...

Cotton on grass
Questions are coming into OSU Extension offices about masses of white, cottony, fiber wafting through Ohio’s forests and landscapes. Charles “Chuck” Behnke, retired OSU Extension educator, was known...
golf ball in grass
Check out this week’s latest edition of the OSU Turfgrass Team Times that was posted yesterday, June 9, 2023.
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Amy Stone
Sassafras leaves

The documents provide evidence of climate change’s effect on hardwood trees in Ohio

Bark Beetle on quarter
I recently received an e-mail message from a homeowner asking for help with small beetles found throughout their home collecting on window sills. The concerned homeowner had used online resources to...
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