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Scales on tree and branch

By Caleb J. Wilson, Ph.D.

Trees in species-rich forests often suffer less damage from insect pests compared to trees in forests dominated by a few common species. Many hypotheses have been proposed...


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While cycling past multi-million-dollar homes and upwards of million-dollar landscapes in Henlopen Acres, Delaware, I came upon...

Sassafras leaves

The documents provide evidence of climate change’s effect on hardwood trees in Ohio

Girl looking through microscope

Can you recall any of the plants you saw today?

Probably not. As a species, we are not programmed to recognize and register everything we see within our field of vision. This would be an overwhelming...

Weekly weather forecast

Here is the forecast, as of this writing, for the period June 13-16, 2022, the last full week of spring according to the astronomically based calendar. People often snicker when I make a big deal out ...

finger pointing to dirt

An ear of corn sits on topsoil in Nebraska, part of the nation’s Corn Belt. Scientists estimate the region has lost about 35 percent of its topsoil.

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