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NYC buildings
The High Line is a reclaimed elevated train line turned lush park in the Concrete Jungle of New York City. With native plants and wild naturalistic landscaping as a theme, this unique park features ...
Rainwater mitigation is a challenge. With initiatives and programs like Ohio Department of Agriculture’s H 2 Ohio, water quality is important.
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While cycling past multi-million-dollar homes and upwards of million-dollar landscapes in Henlopen Acres, Delaware, I came upon...

trees on edge of landslide
It’s sad to see more trees headed for the burn pile. Some will die a slow, painful death. Others will suffer from pruning wounds, wrong selection, but most will eventually perish!
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It Pay$ to care for trees form
Over the past several years, The Ohio State University Extension has partnered with Holden Forests and Gardens to promote the benefits of trees. Using i-tree, calculations can be made on the economi...
finger pointing to dirt

An ear of corn sits on topsoil in Nebraska, part of the nation’s Corn Belt. Scientists estimate the region has lost about 35 percent of its topsoil.

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red mulch

Foundational to plant health care is healthy roots and healthy soil ecology. Surprisingly, many of the mulches we have been using in our landscapes are not as wonderful as we think. Very finely ground...

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