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Spotted Lanternfly in hand
The Ohio State University Educators held a training for community members and industry professional. The most commonly asked question was “Do They Bite?” The answer is “NO!”
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NYC buildings
The High Line is a reclaimed elevated train line turned lush park in the Concrete Jungle of New York City. With native plants and wild naturalistic landscaping as a theme, this unique park features ...
fallen tree
Storms blew through Sandusky Ohio Saturday, August 12, 2023, taking down branches, trees, and power lines.
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Thomas deHaas
Rainwater mitigation is a challenge. With initiatives and programs like Ohio Department of Agriculture’s H 2 Ohio, water quality is important.
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Spotted Lanternfly
This afternoon’s BYGL Alert on the Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is a media release that was distributed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture on Friday, August 4 and is the source the information below....
Spotted Lanternflies on tree

Last week, Jonathon Shields with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) reporting seeing the first spotted lanternfly adult in Ohio this year. The observation was made in Cincinnati, Ohio in an alre...

field in front of grass with power line tower in background
Weed control and trimming under power lines is very noticeable this time of year. People ask, “Why is Everything Dying?” or “Why Do They Cut So Hard and Make the Trees So Ugly?”
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Volutella Canker
It’s important to prune out boxwood stems that have dead brown foliage to aid in recovery from winter injury. However, it’s also important to learn whether or not the stems were infected by opportun...

Boxwoods have become the number one phone call we are getting at Arbor Doctor. Almost everyone has boxwoods in their landscapes and the problems are mounting. In this photo, boxwoods have been decimat...

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