Listed below are links to more information about specific insects and diseases found in our landscapes. Please notify us if you find a broken link. GDD = Growing Degree Days. Photos are previews and are linked to the full articles. Thank you! Enjoy.

  1. Abiotic Diseases Of Woody Ornamentals

  2. Abiotic Plant Disorders. Symptoms, Signs and Solutions. A Diagnostic Guide to Problem Solving
  3. Adelgids: Pine bark  

  4. Adelgids: Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid – Adelges cooleyi egg hatch 308 GDD
  5. Adelgids: Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid – Adelges abietis egg hatch 308 GDD
  6. Alder Leafminer – Kaliodenusa ulmi adult emergence 224 GDD
  7. Allegheny Mound Ants in Kentucky  |  PDF
  8. Ambrosia Beetles (BYGL)>>>
  9. ANTHRACNOSE DISEASES OF TREES – Beech anthracnose symptoms can be confused with leaf scorch, a physiological disease associated with heat and drought. With anthracnose, the necrotic tissue expands from the inner portions of the leaf outward. With leaf scorch, the browning first appears along the leaf edges and …

  10. Anthracnose of dogwoods;        https://ag.umass.edu/landscape/fact-sheets/dogwood-anthracnose;        https://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheet/dogwood-diseases-insect-pests/;        http://plantclinic.cornell.edu/factsheets/dogwoodanthracnose.pdf;        https://ecommons.cornell.edu/bitstream/handle/1813/56367.2/cornus-res-orn-NYSIPM.pdf?sequence=5&isAllowed=y
  11. Anthracnose of maples
  12. Anthracnose of Shade Trees PPFS-OR-W-23   
  13. Anthracnose of Sycamore and Ash
  14. Antlions
  15. Ants in Kentucky Landscapes & Gardens  |  PDF
  16. Aphids; https://www.gardendesign.com/how-to/aphids.html
  17. Aphids, Beech Blight (Attack of the Boogie-Woogie Aphids)
  18. Aphids, Black Willow
  19. Aphids, Oleander aphids on milkweed
  20. Apple Scab disease on apple fruit trees– Ohioline – The Ohio State University https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/plpath-fru-23https://www.mortonarb.org/trees-plants/tree-and-plant-advice/help-diseases/apple-scab   
  21. Apple scab and Frogeye Leaf Spot of crabapples
  22. Asian Giant Hornet Online Reporting Portal:https://agri.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/oda/divisions/plant-health/invasive-pests/agh
  23. Asian Lady Beetle- Purdue, Asian Lady Beetle Infestation of Structures  |  PDF
  24. Asian Longhorned Beetle USDA APHIS Beetle Buster Website    Asian longhorned beetle – Anoplophora glabripennis first adult emergence 887 GDD   
  25. Asian longhorned beetle pheno forecast map
  26. Bacteria: http://www.prevalentbacteria.org/
  27.  Bacterial Leaf Scorch UKBacterial leaf scorch Purdue
  28. Bacterial Wetwood
  29. Bagworms, Bugdoc Bagworm fact sheetBagworms on Landscape Plants  |  PDFhttps://www.purduelandscapereport.org/resource/bagworms/, Bagworm – Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis egg hatch 630 GDD, Bagworm pheno forecast map
  30. Bark stripping squirrels.
  31. Beech Bark Disease   
  32. Beech Leaf Disease   
  33. Beetles, Ambrosia
  34. Beetles, Green June
  35. Beetles, Japanese BeetlesJapanese Beetles in the Urban Landscape  |  PDF, Japanese Beetle – Popillia japonica adult emergence 970 GDD   
  36. Beneficial Insects. They’re Good Bugs!
  37. Beneficial Insects. Article from Louisville Zoo.
  38. Birch Leafminer – Fenusa pusilla adult emergence 215 GDD
  39. Black Knot of Canada Cherry
  40. Black Knot of Plums and Cherries | Ohioline   
  41. Black spot of Elms
  42. Black Spot of Rose PPFS-OR-W-10
  43. Black Vine Weevil – Otiorhynchus sulcatus adult emergence 560 GDD
  44. Borers in Trees and Shrubs  |  PDF
  45. Borers: Banded Ash Clearwing Borer – Podosesia syringae adult emergence 2195 GDD
  46. Borers: Bronze Birch Borer; Bronze Birch Borer – Agrilus anxius adult emergence 547GDD Bronze birch borer pheno forecast map
  47. Borers: Dogwood Borer – Synanthedon scitula adult emergence 830 GDDipm.uconn.edu/documents/DogwoodBorer
  48. Borers: Emerald Ash Borer – Agrilus planipennis adult emergence 550 GDD, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) FAQs for Kentuckians  |  PDFEmerald Ash Borer in Indiana
  49. Borer: Greater Peach Tree Borer – Synanthedon exitiosa adult emergence 775 GDD
  50. Borers, Lesser Peach Tree Borer – Synanthedon pictipes adult emergence 372 GDD
  51. Borers, Lilac Borer – Podosesia syringae adult emergence 330 GDD, Lilac borer pheno forecast map
  52. Borers: Maple Petiole Borers  |  PDF   
  53. Borers: Maple Shoot Borer  |  PDF
  54. Borers: Pines
  55. Borers: Pines and other needle bearing evergreens in landscapes
  56. Borers: Rhododendron Borer – Agrilus planipennis adult emergence 815 GDD
  57. Borers: Root Collar Borer, common on tulip trees
  58. Borers That Attack Landscape Pines  |  PDF
  59. Box Elder BugsBoxelder Bugs  |  PDF   
  60. Boxelder Twig Borer  |  PDF
  61. Boxwood Blight: Boxwood blightPurdue publication on boxwood blight, Purdue article on identification; University of Kentucky (UK) – Boxwood Blight https://plantpathology.ca.uky.edu/files/ppfs-or-w-20.pdf
  62. Boxwood Blight Task Force Virginia Tech
  63. Boxwood Dieback (Colletotrichum theobromicola Delacr.)>>>
  64. Boxwood Leaf Miner, Boxwood Leafminer – Buxus sempervirens adult emergence 440 GDD
  65. Boxwood Psyllid  |  PDF, Boxwood Psyllid – Psylla negudinis egg hatch 179 GDD
  66. Boxwood Volutella Blight, University of Kentucky
  67. Bronze Birch Borer- Purdue
  68. Brown Rot of Peach Fruit Trees
  69. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug- Purdue
  70. Buckeye Yard and Garden Line   Image result for Buckeye Yard and Garden Line
  71. Burlap left on trees is harmful. Garden Professors
  72. Butterfly Gardens, How to Make   |  PDF
  73. Calendar for Common Kentucky Shade Tree & Woody Ornamental Pests  |  PDF
  74. Cankers: Botryosphaeria canker, Botryoshaeria Canker
  75. Cankers: Cytospora cankerCytospora or Leucostoma Canker of Spruce
  76. Hypoxylon Canker   
  77. Cankers: Nectria Canker and Dieback
  78. Cankers: Seiridium canker
  79. Cankerworms  |  PDF
  80. Carpenter Ants  |  PDF
  81. Carpenter Bees  |  PDF
  82. Caterpillars: Bagworms, Eastern Tent, Fall Webworms, Gypsy Moth, Wooly BearsStinging Caterpillars  |  PDF
  83. Cherry tree diminished life span due to grafting.
  84. Chestnut Blight   
  85. Chlorinated water and tree damage
  86. Chlorosis in pin oaks
  87. Chlorosis in trees
  88. Cicada Mania
  89. Cicadas. Mt. St. Joseph University.   
  90. Cicadas, Periodical Cicadas in Kentucky  |  PDF   
  91. Cicada Killer Wasp  |  PDF
  92. Clover Mites
  93. Crabapple leaf diseases
  94. Crown Gall PPFS-GEN-01
  95. Crown gall on grape Video
  96. Cucumber Beetles
  97. Cypress Twig Galls   
  98. Deep Roots–Planting With A Flare
  99. Diagnostic challenges. Biotic vs. Abiotic – Distinguishing Disease Problems
  100. Diagnostic Lab: C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic(CWEPPDC)    
  101. Diagnostic Lab: Research Associates Laboratory
  102. Diagnostic Lab: Spectrum Analytic Inc.
  103. Diagnostic Labs. Canker Sampling of Trees and Woody Ornamentals.
  104. Diplodia Tip Blight of Pine (1.2 MB) PPFS-OR-W-21   
  105. Diplodia Tip Blight: The Role of Shearing in Disease Management (3 MB) PDF
  106. Disease, Plant Disease Prediction Models
  107. Disease, Plant Disease Prediction Models (mobile device version)
  108. Disease Samples, Instructions for submitting samples for disease diagnosis
  109. Disease Triangle, Plant Disease Basics   
  110. Disease, UK Department of Plant Pathology directory
  111. Dog Barf Fungus and slime molds   
  112. Dogwood anthracnose
  113. Dogwood Diseases (1.2 MB) PPFS-OR-W-06
  114. Dogwood Powdery Mildew: Signs and Symptoms   
  115. Dormant Oils https://www.purduelandscapereport.org/article/dormant-applications-horticultural-oil-can-help-control-troublesome-pests/
  116. Downy mildew of grape Video
  117. Drought: How Dry Seasons Affect Woody Plants>>>                                                                                                                    
  118. Drought long term effects on trees and shrubs
  119. Dutch Elm Disease>>>
  120. Earthworms: Thatch-busters  |  PDF
  121. Eastern Filbert Blight   
  122. Eastern Tent Caterpillar  |  PDF: 92 GDDChecking Eastern Tent Caterpillar Egg Masses  |  PDF
  123. Eastern tent caterpillar pheno forecast map
  124. Elm Leaf Beetles  |  PDF, Elm Leafminer – Kaliofenusa ulmi adult emergence 219 GDD   
  125. Elm leafminer sawfly>>>
  126. Elm Yellows | Archives | Aggie Horticulture

  127. Elm Yellows | BYGL   

  128. Emerald Ash Borer Arbor Doctor page
  129. Emerald Ash Borer Information Network
  130. Emerald Ash Borer: Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees From Emerald Ash Borer
  131. Emerald ash borer pheno forecast map
  132. Emerald Ash Borer: USDA APHIS
  133. European Hornets
  134. European Hornet in Kentucky  |  PDF
  135. Exotic Ambrosia Beetle – Xylosandrus germanus first adult emergence 136 GDD
  136. Fall needle drop: A natural phenomenon in conifers>>>
  137. Fall Webworm BYGL, Fall webworm- Purdue, Fall Webworm – Hyphantria cunea egg hatch 867 GDD; BYGL Spectacular Fall Webworm Nests
  138. Fertilization and resource allocation:
  139. Fireblight Disease Information, Fire Blight (PPFS-FR-T-12) KY   
  140. Fire Blight of Apple Video
  141. Frass>>>
  142. Fruit: BEGINNERS GUIDE: FRUIT TREE CARE – Mahoney’s …
  143. Fruit, Homeowner’s Guide to Fungicides PPFS-GEN-07
  144. Fruit, Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide 2019-2020
  145. Fruit, More small fruit publications 
  146. Fruit, More tree fruit publications
  147. Fruit, Peach Leaf Curl
  148. Fruit, Peach Leaf Curl and Plum Pockets
  149. Fruit Spray Schedules for the Homeowner>>>

  150. Fruit, Stark Brothers Pest and Disease Control resources
  151. Fruit, Pest Management Guide ID-232
  152. Fruit suppressant, flower sterillant (crabapples, sweet gum balls, etc)
  153. Fruit Trees Pruning: Main Leader

  154. Fruit Trees Pruning : Vase Shape

  155. Fruit Trees, Stark Brothers Growing Guide resources>>>
  156. Fungal conks: Black locust- Phellinus robiniae>>>
  157. Fungi: Armillaria Mellea, Fruiting Bodies of Oak Root Fungus>>>
  158. Fungi: Armillaria Root Rot>>>
  159. Fungi: Armillaria Root Rot–A threat to stressed landscape trees>>>
  160. Fungi: Brittle cinder fungus root and butt rot Kretzschmaria duesta / >>>
  161. Fungi: Burnt Crust or Brittle Cinder Fungus>>>
  162. Fungi: Chicken of the Woods>>>
  163. Fungi: Ganoderma Applanatum Fruiting Bodies (Conks) of the Wood-Decaying Fungus >>>
  164.  Fungi: Ganoderma Lucidum Fruiting Bodies of Varnish Fungus Rot>>>
  165. Fungi: Ganoderma Root Rots>>>
  166. Fungi: http://www.prevalentfungi.org/>>>  
  167. Fungi: Oak Bracket Fungus>>>
  168. Fungi:
  169. Fungi: Wood Decay Fungi Diagnostic Reference>>>
  170. Fungi: Wood Decay Fungi in Landscape Trees>>>
  171. Fungicides for Management of Landscape Woody Ornamental Diseases PPFS-OR-W-14   
  172. Fungicides, Homeowner’s Guide to PPFS-GEN-07
  173. Galls: Cypress Twig   
  174. Galls Common to Shade Tree   |  PDFGalls on Shade Trees and Shrubs-Clifford S. Sadof and Timothy J. Gibb, Extension Entomologists
  175. Galls: Hickory Leafstem Gall Phylloxera>>>
  176. Galls, Leaf Galls
  177. Galls, Maples  |  PDF
  178. Galls, Horned Oak Gall  |  PDF   
  179. Galls, Oaks  |  PDF
  180. Galls: Phomopsis Galls of oaks, hickories, maples and other species; https://bygl.osu.edu/node/322
  181. Girdling Roots   
  182. Girdling Root Removal
  183. Graft failure>>>
  184. Growing Degree Days and Phenology for Ohio   Image result for ohio phenology
  185. Growing degree days and Phenology: Phenology Forecasts
  186. Growing degree days and Phenology: Timing Controls of Landscape Pests Using Flowering Plants as Indicators  |  PDF   
  187. Grubs, Insecticides for Control of White Grubs in Kentucky Turfgrass  |  PDFControlling White Grubs  |  PDF
  188. Guignardia Blotch of Horse Chestnut and Buckeye, https://bygl.osu.edu/node/837   
  189. Guignardia Leaf Spot of Boston Ivy   
  190. Gypsy Moth  |  PDFGypsy Moth in Indiana, Gypsy Moth USDA, Gypsy Moth – Lymantria dispar egg hatch 192 GDD
  191. Gypsy moth pheno forecast map
  192. Hackberry Psyllid  |  PDF   
  193. Hawthorn Lace Bug – Corythucha cydoniae adult emergence 253 GDD
  194. Hawthorn Leafminer – Kaliofenusa ulmi adult emergence 260 GDD
  195. Hemlock Woolly Adelgid  |  PDF   
  196. Hemlock woolly adelgid pheno forecast map
  197. Herbicide Damage
  198. Herbicide Damage: Diagnosing and Preventing Herbicide Injury to Trees>>>
  199. Herbicide Injury on Garden and Landscape Plants
  200. Holly Leafminer – Phytomyza ilicis adult emergence 375 GDD
  201. Honeydew
  202. Honeylocust Plant Bug – Diaphoncoris chlorionis egg hatch 230 GDD
  203. Honeylocust Spider Mite – Platytetranychus multidigituli egg hatch 227 GDD
  204. Houseplant Insect Control  |  PDF
  205. Insecticides, General Use Insecticides for Home Gardening  |  PDF
  206. Inkberry Leafminer – Liriomyza sativae adult emergence 150 GDD
  207. Iron Deficiency of Woody Plants ID-84   
  208. Journal of Integrated Pest Management
  209. Lace Bugs & Plant Bugs  |  PDF, Azalea Lace Bug – Stephanitis pyrioides egg hatch 206 GDD
  210. Ladybugs | Entomology; Ladybuglady.com
  211. Larch Casebearer: 128 GDD
  212. Large Crabgrass – first seedling emergence 211
  213. Laurel Wilt
  214. Leaf-footed bugs (family Coreidae)
  215. Leaf Roller: Basswood, Redbud
  216. Leaf scorch
  217. Leaf Scorch and Winter Drying of Woody Plants PPFS-OR-W-17   
  218. Lightning damageTree-damage-lightning-strike   
  219. Locust Leaf Miner, Locust Leafminer – Odontota dorsalis adult emergence 437 GDD
  220. Maple decline   
  221. Maple decline. Calcium implicated.
  222. Maple Decline Arbor Doctor summary: The complex conundrum of sugar maple decline
  223. Maple decline. Earthworms at the Root of Sugar Maple Decline
  224. Maple Leaf Blister
  225. Maples: Heavy Maple Seed Production = Slow Leaf Development
  226. Micronutrient deficiencies   
  227. Mildew, Downy Mildew – Penn State Extension

  228. Mildew, Dogwood   
  229. Mildew, magnolia>>>
  230. Mildew, Powdery
  231. Milkweed Bug
  232. Mimosa Webworm – Homadaula anisocentra egg hatch – 1st generation 874 GDD    
  233. Mites: Spider Mites on Landscape Plants  |  PDF
  234. Mites: Spruce Spider Mite – Oligonychus ununguis egg hatch 162 GDD   
  235. Mites: Two spotted Spider Mite – Tetranychus urticae egg hatch 627 GDDhttp://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/orn/twospotted_mite.htm
  236. MosquitosMosquitoes: Practical Advice for Homeowners  |  PDF
  237. https://www.mushroomexpert.com/   
  238. Needlecast disease of spruce
  239. Needlecast of Concolor fir
  240. Needle drop: A natural phenomenon in conifers in fall   
  241. Needle drop: Seasonal needle drop article in the BYGL
  242. Nematodes: https://www.prevalentnematodes.org/
  243. Oak Wilt Arborjet fact sheet
  244. Oak Wilt in the Northeastern and Midwestern States
  245. Oak Wilt info from Ohio State
  246. Oak Wilt info from Purdue Univ.
  247. Pesticide Application Guide, Virginia Tech Nursery crops Pest Management Guide
  248. Petiole borer, Buckeye
  249. Petiole borer, maple
  250. Phomopsis canker
  251. Phomopsis tip blight of junipers>>>
  252. Phytophthora-bleeding-canker
  253. Phytothora Root Rot   
  254. Pine bark Adelgids
  255. Pine Sawfly>>>
  256. Pines, Common Sap Feeding Pine Insects  |  PDF
  257. Pines: Diplodia tip blight | The Morton Arboretum
  258. Pines, Dothistroma Needle Blight
  259. Pines,Dothistroma and brown needle blightNeedle cast (Dothistroma) of pines  
  260. Plant Bugs & Lacebugs  |  PDF
  261. Plant Disease Prediction Models
  262. Plant Disease Prediction Models (mobile device version)
  263. Poplar tentmaker
  264. Potato Leafhopper – Empoasca fabae adult arrival 568 GDD
  265. Praying Mantids  |  PDF     
  266. Purdue Plant Doctor Apps https://www.purdueplantdoctor.com/
  267. Rabbit damage. How to identify, what do they eat?
  268. Red Bark Phenomenon of sycamore and other trees
  269. Root and Butt Rot caused by Kretzschmaria deusta>>>  
  270. Root rot
  271. Root rot: Black Root Rot of Ornamentals PPFS-OR-W-03
  272. Root rot: Black root rot of blue holly
  273. Root rot: Phytothora Root Rot of junipers>>>
  274. Roses ID-118
  275. Rose Rosette Disease PPFS-OR-W-16, https://roserosette.org/
  276. Rose slug (sawfly)   
  277. Rust diseases ; https://bygl.osu.edu/node/287
  278. Rust: Cedar Apple
  279. Rust: Cedar Quince   
  280. Rust: Orange “Dust” from Callery Pears
  281. Sawflies (Azalea, Birch Leafminer, Bristly Roseslug, Columbine, Dogwood, Dusky Birch, Elm, European Pine, Hollyhock, Mountain Ash, Pear, Pine Catkin, Roseslug, Scarlet Oak, White Pine.
  282. Sawfly: Chestnut
  283. Sawflies, Dusky Birch   
  284. Sawfly: European Pine Sawfly, Pine Sawflies  |  PDF, European Pine Sawfly, Neodiprion sertifer   
  285. Scale: Armored Scale Identification and Management on Ornamental Plants, Armored Scale   
  286. Scale: Azalea Bark Scale – Eriococcus azaleae egg hatch 957 GDD
  287. Scale: Calico Scale, Calico Scale – Hemiptera sternorrhyncha egg hatch 748 GDD   
  288. Scale: Cottony Camellia Scale  
  289. Scale: Cottony Maple Scale – Pulvinaria innumerabilis egg hatch 851 GDD; Cottony Maple Scale  |  PDF
  290. Scale: Elongate Hemlock Scale; https://content.ces.ncsu.edu/elongate-hemlock-scale
  291. Scale: Euonymus Scale  |  PDFEuonymus Scale – Unaspis euonymii egg hatch – 1st generation    406 GDD
  292. Scale: European Fruit Lecanium Scale – Parthenolecanium corni egg hatch 767 GDD
  293. Scale: Fletcher Scale – Hemiptera sternorrhyncha egg hatch – 1st generation 730
  294. Scale: Fletcher scale on bald cypress
  295. Scale: Gloomy Scale>>>
  296. Scale: Japanese maple scale; https://www.arbordoctor.com/horticulture/japanese-maple-scale-jms/
  297. Scale: Juniper Scale  |  PDFJuniper Scale – Carulaspis juniperi egg hatch 571 GDD
  298. Scale: Lecanium Scale  |  PDF
  299. Scale: Magnolia Scale  |  PDF, Magnolia Scale;   Magnolia scale pheno forecast map
  300. Scale: Obscure scale  |  PDF
  301. Scale: Oystershell Scale  |  PDF, Oystershell Scale – Lepidosaphes ulmi egg hatch 497 GDD  
  302. Scale: Pine Needle Scale – Chionaspis pinifoliae egg hatch – 1st generation 305 GDD; Pine needle scale pheno forecast map
  303. Scale: Spruce Bud Scale BYGL; Spruce Budscale – Physokermes piceae egg hatch 894 GDD
  304. Scale: Striped Pine Scale – Toumeyella pini egg hatch 783 GDD
  305. Scale: Taxus Scale  |  PDF
  306. Scale: Terapin Scale
  307. Scale: Tuliptree Scale  |  PDF
  308. Scale: Walnut Scale  |  PDF
  309. Scale: White Peach Scale
  310. Scale: White Prunicola Scale
  311. Scale: Winged Euonymus Scale – Unaspis euonymii egg hatch 892 GDD
  312. Scale Insect Management:  https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/publications/E-29/E-29.html
  313. Shoestring Root Rot – A Cause of Tree and Shrub Decline PPFS-OR-W-05
  314. Slime Mold, Lichens, & Sooty Mold Problems on Plants PPFS-GEN-06
  315. Slugs  |  PDF
  316. Smooth Crabgrass – first seedling emergence 155 GDD
  317. Southern Pine Beetle  |  PDF
  318. Sowbugs & Pillbugs  |  PDF
  319. Spectrum Analytical Labs
  320. Spider, Brown Recluse Spider  |  PDF
  321. Spider Chart: Common Kentucky Spiders
  322. Spiders Found Around Homes & Buildings  |  PDF
  323. Spiders, Garden Spinder Orb Weavers
  324. Spotted Lanternfly/check-out-the-spotted-lanternfly-factsheet/
  325. Spotted Lanternfly treatment options New York state list>>>
  326. Springtails  |  PDF
  327. Spruce decline: The decline of the Colorado and blue spruce in midwest landscapes>>>
  328. Squirrels, bark stripping
  329. Stem Girdling Root Removal
  330. Stress & Decline in Woody Plants (9 MB) ID-50
  331. Suckers: Stopping sucker sprouts on trees
  332. Sudden Oak Death
  333. Sunscald and Sunburn on treeshttps://homeguides.sfgate.com/japanese-maple-trees-bark-coming-off-bugs-branches-wrong-97617.html
  334. Sycamore and London Planetree Red Bark Phenomenon
  335. Tar Spots of Maple | BYGL
  336. Taxus, What’s Wrong With My
  337. Tent caterpillars  |  PDF
  338. Thousand Cankers Disease in Walnut, sample submission protocol PPFS-OR-W-15
  339. Ticks & Disease  |  PDF, Ticks (Ohioline)
  340. Topping Is Hazardous to Your Tree’s Health ID-55
  341. Transplant Shock: Disease or Cultural Problem? (1.7 MB) PPFS-OR-W-19
  342. Tree Health Website (University of Kentucky)>>>
  343. Tree Health Assessment Checklist
  344. Tree Pathologist Stephanie Adams
  345. Tree roots: Surface Root Syndrome
  346. Tree Wounds—Invitations to Wood Decay Fungi (3 MB) PPFS-OR-W-01
  347. Tubakia Leaf Spot on oaks.
  348. Twig Blights of Juniper PPFS-OR-W-11
  349. Two-lined Chestnut Borer
  350. Two-Marked Treehopper (order Hemiptera; family Membracidae)
  351. Varroa Mites Infesting Honey Bee Colonies  |  PDF
  352. Velvet Ants  |  PDF
  353. Vertical mulching of trees, how to.
  354. Verticillium Wilt of Woody Plants PPFS-OR-W-18
  355. Viburnum Leaf Beetle – Pyrrhalta viburni first egg hatch 210 GDD; https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/anr-39
  356. Viruses: http://www.prevalentviruses.org/
  357. Volutella Blight of pachysandra; Volutella leaf blight and stem canker of pachysandra
  358. Walnut Juglone Toxicity and Tolerant Plants
  359. Walnuts and Juglone Toxicity, maybe not?
  360. Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Baldfaced Hornets
  361. “Wet Feet” of Ornamentals PPFS-OR-W-04
  362. Wheel Bugs
  363. White Nose Syndrome of bats
  364. When White Pines Turn Brown (1 MB) PPFS-OR-W-22
  365. White Pine Blister Rust
  366. White pine decline>>>
  367. White Pine Weevil: 84 GDD>>>
  368. Willow black canker (Glomerella spp.)
  369. Willow Leaf Beetle – Chrysomela versicolor adult emergence 274 GDD
  370. Willow scab (Venturia spp.)
  371. Winter injury to trees and shrubs
  372. Witches’ broom
    Click for larger image Ball-shaped witches’-broom in a tree
  373. Woody Plant Disease Management Guide for Nurseries and Landscapes ID-88
  374. Yellowkneck caterpillars
  375. Yellowjackets  |  PDF
  376. Yellow Poplar Weevil  |  PDF
  377. Zimmerman pine moth