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Tree and Shrub Plant Health Care Programs

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Tree and Shrub Plant Health Care Programs

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Protect your landscape investment. Our plant health care programs are tailored to your landscape and administered by top industry professionals who care about you! We offer organic fertilization and seasonal foliar nutrient applications. Unlike pesticide-centric plant health care programs, our organic nutrients are healthy for your plants. The nutrients thicken the cell walls to help the plants defend against insect attacks and be as resistant as possible to disease. Pesticides may still be utilized, but only in a targeted, limited fashion. We use pesticides which are low or no toxicity whenever possible.

The Arbor Doctor Prescription

Before we can treat, we need to prescribe. Before we can prescribe, we need to diagnose. We follow a diagnostic protocol as outlined in the 20 Questions of Plant Diagnosis, combined with our years of experience and our desire to minimize pesticide usage as much as possible, target any pesticides we do use, and use materials with low or no toxicity whenever possible.

Our plant health care programs include the following treatments, but your program will be tailored to the needs of your landscape and your budget. Frequency of treatments is based on your landscape and required treatment windows. Timing is based on plant progression measured by phenology.

Tree Health Assessment Checklist

  • Early or late winter dormant oil. Inspection and topical visit. Suppresses over–wintering plant pests including scale and mites. This treatment also may address early boxwood psyllid, boxwood leaf miner, white pine weevil (which also attacks other evergreens), and tent caterpillars. Dormant Oils information.
  • Early spring, spring, late spring/early summer, summer, and late summer visits. Inspection and topical organic nutrient treatment (targeted fungicide/insecticide as needed).  Suppresses disease and plant pests including bagworms, beetles, borers, mites, etc. Treatment targeted for sustainability and lowest impact to pollinators.
Influence Biological Plant Supplement guide
  • Fall or spring fertilization. Organic fertilization/root Inoculation with Influence Biological Plant Supplement which promotes root health, overall tree and shrub health, pest resistance.
  • Bioaeration involves injection of Influence Liquid Soil and Plant Biostimulant With Biological Foods, and VITAL Blend 5M (a blended liquid, combining 5 micron-sized biochar charged with liquid humate) which feeds soil biology, aerates the soil, and enhances tree and shrub health. We inject material into the soil and/or broadcast onto the soil surface.
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  • MitoGrow Aqua 3-IA stimulates root development and growth. This product is not a fertilizer, but does encourage plant growth and can increase root mass by 30 percent in most plant species and up to 50 percent in hardwood plants and trees.
  • Targeted early spring, spring, and late spring visits. Targeted inspection and foliar treatment (fungicide/insecticide). Suppresses disease and plant pests including mites, caterpillars, scale, aphids. Specific to tight treatment windows and treatments with a specific target.
  • Systemic treatments. Applications to ease plant stress or aid in improvement of micronutrient deficiencies, address insect or disease issues, and build tree defenses.
  • PolyPhosphite 30™ (0-0-27) is a pure Potassium PolyPhosphite fertilizer solution that is manufactured in a one step process by reacting Phosphorous Acid and Potassium Hydroxide in a patented high temperature, rapid cooling process that preserves the maximum amount of Phosphorous in the desirable H3PO3 (Phosphorous Acid) form. PolyPhosphite 30TM (0-0-27) economically feeds and protects the plant through superior Phosphorous Acid nutrition. PolyPhosphite 30TM (0-0-27) is rapidly absorbed for maximum nutritional benefit in order to prevent and correct nutrient deficiencies and to promote disease resistance.
  • Trunk injections. For delivery of specific micronutrients, fungicides, insecticides, and occasionally antibiotics.
  • Soil amendments to return our starved soils to something closer to the biologically diverse forest environment.
  • Milorganite’s slow-release formula provides nitrogen and other nutrients for up to 10 weeks after application. This provides even growth and better root development over a longer period of time, instead of a sudden growth spurt and excessive grass clippings. The slow release nitrogen feeds plants evenly and gradually. It doesn’t interfere with flowering or fruit development. Milorganite also encourages root development, which results in abundant yields. Milorganite adds organic matter to feed the soil. Healthy soil is the key to healthier trees and shrubs. Milorganite is composed of 85% organic matter, which nourishes the plant and feeds the soil microbes. Milorganite delivers organically complex iron throughout the feeding period and won’t stain concrete, unlike iron salts in some synthetic fertilizers.

Finesse GVH Formula
  • Finesse GVH is a powerful biological soil restoration product designed to mimic the biological processes of the forest floor. Over the years while studying problem after problem, it became apparent that most of the issues that we encounter with plants can ultimately be traced back to a lack of biological activity, diversity, and/or balance in the soil.
CarbonizPNâ„¢ bag

CarbonizPN™ carbon rich biochar contains essential ingredients that can be applied to any ecosystem. Apply our biological and nutrient-infused long-lasting carbon at a rate that fits your goals. CarbonizPN™ is potent enough to be used sparingly for cost-conscious construction projects and safe enough to use liberally for your most valued landscape. Increased applications, or a “Carbon Boost” application can help correct deficiencies more quickly and reduce subsequent applications.

Foliar vs. Control plants

Foliar organic nutrients!

Trees and shrubs in urban landscapes have many disadvantages when compared to those in undisturbed natural areas.

The common issues we encounter include thin soils stripped of organic material, heavy compacted clay soils, reduced root growth zones, and poor drainage that creates water related issues. All of these issues cause stresses on trees and shrubs, which will shorten their life expectancy. Our method of treatment takes these factors into account. It is important to understand that healthy plants rely on healthy soil. Unfortunately many commercial fertilizers damage, or even sterilize, the soil. When your soil is damaged your plants become reliant upon chemical products to maintain their health, requiring greater inputs of chemicals to maintain acceptable levels of health. The nutrients we use not only fertilize, but also reverse, soil degradation by reintroducing beneficial organisms to the soil. Increased beneficial biological activity in the soil results in healthier plants.

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Why Plant Health Care?

The natural, organic nutrients we use contain living, root health promoting bacteria and fungal inoculants, macro and micro nutrients, and a selection of natural plant growth stimulants. When soil is properly balanced, microbes work underground for the plant and the plant feeds them in return. Plants thrive in soil teeming with these bacterial and fungal helpers. The nutrients increase the physical and biological nutrient storage mechanisms in soils, mitigating risks of over-fertilization. The nutrients we use reverse soil degradation and bring the soil back into biological balance, providing natural and sustainable plant nutrition, better access to nutrients, and improved resistance to pests and disease. The end result is stronger and thriving trees and shrubs in your landscape.  Read more on Plant Health here.

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